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Summer in the Valkyrs is a spectacle to behold! It is true wilderness hiking in a unique and rarely explored mountain range. The terrain is vast, the alpine meadows are teeming with flowers and the peaks are majestic. From sparkling alpine tarns to the distant mountain ranges there is always beauty to behold.

Most of our summer trips are based out of VALKYR LODGE located at 2,210 m in an alpine basin on the western slopes of Naumulten Mountain. Here you step into alpine beauty right out the door! Hike through alpine meadows filled with seasonal blooms, next to rushing streams, circle around sparkling lakes and tarns and climb up grassy approaches to the ridge walks and rocky peaks. Stunning panoramic views of the Valkyr, Valhalla and Monashee mountain ranges greet you at every turn. There are 7 unique drainages to explore at Valkyr Lodge each with its own flora, fauna and water features. The terrain at Naumulten will be suitable for all hikers with a reasonable fitness level.

For more ambitious hikers HILDA HUT will be your destination. The mountains here are steeper and the approaches more rugged, but the rewards are bountiful! Massive fields of alpine flowers and sparkling tarns will amaze and delight you.

The Outpost is situated on the shoulder of Mt. Lequereux near a lovely alpine lake. There are so many options for your day hikes! The summit of Lequereux is an obtainable objective or ramble around massive alpine meadows or hike to one of the many surrounding alpine lakes.

For keen mountaineers, we offer a 7-day HUT to HUT Valkyr Traverse package. This is a deluxe mountain holiday that will be both challenging and rewarding. The package includes helicopter flights at the beginning and end of the trip. You will begin your trip by flying into The Outpost and spend two days exploring the terrain there. Day 3 will have you hike to Hilda Hut where you will stay for one to three nights, then when ready you will hike to Valkyr Lodge for the remainder of your trip. For the standard hiking trip, no technical climbing experience or equipment is necessary. Some optional objectives may require an alpine guide, climbing experience and equipment.

Go guided and catered for the best hiking experience! There are no marked trails here and our guides are experienced in the terrain. The guides will custom design the hikes to get the best routes for finding wildflowers in bloom, access wildlife viewing points and helping you achieve your peak experience. Our cooks prepare meals that are nutritious, delicious and made fresh in the Valkyr kitchen. 3, 4 and 7 day packages are available. There is also a self-guided option for those who are experienced in mountain travel.

There is no road access to the lodges so your hiking holiday begins at our staging area in Burton BC. All of our lodges are accessed by helicopter and beginning in 2018 our hiking packages include your flight in and out. We will transport you to the trailhead where we shoulder our packs and put our boots to the trail. The hike to either Valkyr Lodge or Hilda Hut generally takes approximately 3 hours. Helicopter options are available. Please contact us for availability and schedules.

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